Samsung Introduces A New Type of Device: Galaxy Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung was supposed to announce Galaxy Note 4 today. But at an event, the Korean company did more than that. It unveiled two more things quite unexpectedly. One of those things is Galaxy Note Edge. A Galaxy Note embedded with a second screen on the right edge.

Yes, we know how awkward that sounds. It sort of looks odd too when you see it in pictures for the first time. But Samsung hopes that the Note Edge’s edge screen will give you far better experience of using the device. The company handles what happens on the side screen by software, so you can choose to keep most used app icons there and use the right edge as quick menu bar.

galaxy note edge

The Edge screen has even more uses. You can use it as a ticket, allowing yourself to see tweets, news headlines and the likes. Some apps will take advantage of that extra screen by opening a toolbar over there. Imagine opening a photo editing app with all the tools on the right side’s screen. Yes, that’s going to happen. The hardware is there. It’s only about time until that happens.

To go even further to talk about how useful the Note Edge’s extra screen can be, consider this: At night you can keep the side screen as an alarm clock. So when the alarm goes off, you can take a look at it without even turning on the main display. Even the settings for this extra display can be done without changing anything on the larger display.

In summary, it’s a display on its own, but it can also be connected to the main display when you need it.

Specification-wise, Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge are exactly the same, except that Note Edge is 5.6-inch while Note 4 is 5.7-inch; not a noticeable difference. So you know Galaxy Note Edge has all the raw power it needs to run both the screens.

Samsung still doesn’t sound too sure about what will fit best in that oddly-placed display on the right side of Galaxy Note Edge. But from the looks of it, we’re quite certain that some good will come out of it.

What do you think? Does the Galaxy Note Edge’s edge will have any real use in the future? Or will it die with the shame of being just another gimmick?

Image Courtesy: The Verge