Micromax Overtakes Samsung as Top Smartphone Manufacturer in India

micromax mobile

Samsung takes another huge blow as research firm reveals that it has lost its top spot as the largest smartphone manufacturer in India. Homegrown brand Micromax has overtaken Samsung according to sales figures from Q4 2014.

According to research analyst group Canalys, Samsung held 20% marketshare in the Indian smartphone market. Beating it, Micromax has taken the crown of top smartphone manufacturer in the country with 22% marketshare.

Canalys concluded that Microsoft’s continued efforts to transform feature phone users into smartphone users has helped the company succeed. In addition to that, a major factor that helped the company get such a strong foothold in India is the pricing of its smartphone. Some of Micromax’s flagship devices are priced within $150 to $200.

According to data from Canalys, in the fourth quarter last year, 23% of smartphones sold were priced below $100 while 41% devices were priced between $100-$200, a territory where Micromax shines in.

By contrast, Samsung sells mostly high-end smartphones. The Korean giant has tons of smartphones that target low-to-mid range market, but users have constantly complained about the high price of its smartphones in India.

Earlier this month, Samsung reported a decline in its worldwide smartphone and tablet shipment. With the latest data from India at hand, Samsung may be forced to reinvent its pricing strategy for emerging markets like India. The company has got tons on its plates already by losing the crown of top smartphone manufacturer in the world. It’s now a matter of time before the company tries something new to gain the marketshare back.

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