android kothonAndroid Kothon was launched in 2012. Since then, the site has grown to enormous popularity with its in depth review of Android phones and tablets from both international vendors and locals. The site primarily launched in Bangla to help Bangladeshi and Bangla-speaking consumers understand Android as an operating system and get to know various Android devices that are available to them.

On November 2013, Android Kothon launched an official English version that publishes in depth reviews of local brands’ Android phones and tablets as well as news of Android’s dominance in Bangladeshi market. The initiative makes Android Kothon not only just the most popular and most trusted source for Android related news and reviews, but also makes it the first bilingual portal for all things Android.

Since launch, Android Kothon has gathered readers from over 300 countries from across the world. With the launch of English version, Android Kothon will now feed more Android enthusiasts regardless of whether they speak Bangla or not. Android Kothon English will also be the corporate portal into the Android phone and tablet market into Bangladesh. That is, if you’re interested in what’s going on in Android market in Bangladesh, and you don’t understand Bangla to read from the best, thanks to Android Kothon English, now you can.