Get Free 2 GB Permanent Storage on Google by Running the Security Checkup

google security checkup

Google gives you free 15 GB storage that’s usable across Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ (if you want to store high resolution images) every time you sign up for an account. But the company gives even more storage on various occasions. If you buy a Chromebook, you’ll get 100 GB storage for two years. That’s the issue. After two years, you are back to 15 GB.

However, in celebration of Safer Internet Day, Google is being generous. The company announced on its blog post that anyone who performs a security checkup before February 17 will get 2 GB of permanent storage on their Google account for free. Free is not the keyword here; permanent is. 

The company announced that data you store on Google Drive is already within tight security thanks to the industry standard technology Google uses to protect your data. But there are some checkups to be done on user end to ensure that your account is safe and the recovery information are up to date in case something goes wrong.

It’s generally a good idea to regularly change password, update security questions, check access log, and ensure that the recovery information, such as mobile number and email addresses, are up to date. Google offering extra 2 GB permanent storage is one more solid reason why you should do the checkup right away.

Google said if you perform the security checkup before February 17 and you get all the checkboxes green, you’ll be eligible for the storage reward which will begin rolling out starting February 28.

So, run over to Google Security Checkup now and ensure your account information are up to date.