OxygenOS Release Date Confirmed on February 12


The CEO of OnePlus has just made it public that OxygenOS will officially debut on February 12. The chief executive took to Weibo, the Twitter of China, and posted an image which shows OnePlus and OxygenOS logo in addition to the date, February 12.

OnePlus has picked up a lot huge fan following ever since its inception in the smartphone world. But the company faced some legal battle over its choice of operating system in its OnePlus One smartphone. As a result, the company had to come up with its own ROM of Android operating system to go with its OnePlus One and upcoming phones.

The company previously announced the name of the new ROM for its smartphones, which is OxygenOS, but never gave a specific release date. It has published a video on YouTube showing a bit of the new ROM, but coming soon is the only hint the company gave about its date of release.

Now with the CEO’s image out in the public, it is clear that OnePlus fans will not have to wait too long to get a look at what OnePlus has been cooking behind the scene. OxygenOS is based on Android’s latest version, Lollipop, and retains some of the design philosophy that Google has put into Lollipop. So users can expect to see a user interface filled with bright, vivid colors and flat design.