Symphony Roar A50 Android One Hands-on Review

Gaming Performance

Let’s talk gaming, shall we? A huge number of users purchase their smartphone not only to browse the web but also to play smartphones. Especially in Bangladesh, the gaming performance  of a smartphone is often the deciding factor. A lot of users will purchase a phone if it can handle high-definition games smoothly.

symphony roar a50 android one gaming performance

I’m not much into gaming, but upon user request on our Facebook group, I have tested a bunch of Android games and I must say Symphony Roar A50 didn’t seem to have trouble running any of them. I played GTA San Andreas (How could I not!), Asphalt 8, Subway Surfer, Modern Combat, and Real Racing 3. Just for the fun of it, I also played Candy Crush to see if it improves my performance since it was a new phone. Nope, I still suck at it.

real racing on symphony roar a50

Screenshot of Real Racing 3 being played on Symphony Roar A50 Android One.


Our video reviewer also agrees with me. The gaming performance on Symphony Roar A50 is just superb. It’s brilliant. I’m not saying that there is no Android game on earth that won’t lag on Symphony Roar A50, I’m just saying that on a relatively new smartphone running a stock version of Android 4.4.4 KitKat, neither of the games that I played had trouble.

Again, this isn’t coming from a seasoned gamer, but as an occasional one, I’m more than happy with the gaming performance of Symphony Roar A50.


This is the part which I’m not a big fan of. They say numbers don’t lie. But with benchmark scores, well, there are many variables. Different versions of the same benchmarking app can produce different scores.

symphony roar a50 geekbench benchmark

Plus I’ve been noticing lately that people don’t care about benchmark scores these days as much as they care about the actual, real world performance of the device. Two years ago when we first launched Android Kothon and Bangladeshi people were just beginning to embrace Android, we noticed that everyone’s first question about a new phone was ‘what’s the AnTuTu score?’ Nowadays, not so much.

But since benchmarking applications are here, and almost all sites do test the device’s performance using benchmarking applications, we’re going to post two of the most popular benchmarking apps’ scores below.

symphony roar a50 android one benchmark

symphony roar a50 android one graphics benchmark nenamark2

If you’d like us to test the phone’s performance using any other benchmarking application that doesn’t require root, feel free to let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to test the phone.

Music Quality

The headphones that come with Symphony Roar A50 in the box are just trash. I’ll just be rude and real about it. You might never use those headphones because they are so bad. Don’t blame your Symphony Roar A50 Android One phone because of bad music quality that those headphones produce.

symphony roar a50 android one display hands-on review

I listen to a lot of music, but most of the time they are either on my desktop computer’s speakers or on the laptop’s built-in speakers. A few times when I listen to music on my mobile, I use a headphone that came with a feature phone, Samsung Champ Duos. I tried to listen to some YouTube music on Symphony Roar A50 using the Champ Duo’s headphone, and it was okay. But as soon as I switched to the provided headphone, the story made a turn for the worst.

So if you are a music fan, you should know that the provided headphones are no way to judge the sound quality of Symphony Roar A50. If you already have a headphone, you might want to take that to the store when checking out the phone.

The loudspeaker performance of Symphony Roar A50 is another story, though. I found it quite loud and satisfactory. While watching YouTube videos or playing games and music, the loudspeaker is loud and clear. It is placed on the back of the device, adjacent to the Android One logo towards the bottom of the device. Chances are you will be happy with the loudspeaker as long as your expectation isn’t to get HTC BoomSound level quality.

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