Symphony Roar A50 Android One Hands-on Review


symphony roar a50 android one screenshot

If you didn’t already, know that all Android One smartphones run on Google’s Stock Android user interface. That is one of the main reasons why Android One smartphone are supposed to be faster than your average smartphone; and they are! Manufacturers tend to use what we call “skins” on top of regular Android UI to bring a touch of uniqueness to their smartphones. But that often results in loss of performance and speed.

By forcing to use stock Android, Google essentially made sure that Android One smartphones run smoothly as the hardware will have less things to run.

symphony roar a50 android one screenshot hands-on review

There is no gallery application for viewing photos. You have to rely on Photos app from Google suite of apps.

symphony roar a50 android one hands-on review

Tapping the build number five times enables Developer Option which lets you tweak with advanced settings. But that’s a stock Android feature.

symphony roar a50 android one hands-on review

Remember Swype/Swift keyboard? Well, forget them. Now built-in keyboard on Android has the swiping feature.

With that said, there is nothing unique to discover in Symphony Roar A50 Android One phone in terms of interface. You will see the big old Symphony wallpaper with the regular Android user interface, app drawer and Google app bundle. There’s nothing exciting about the interface of this phone except maybe the boot animation where Android logo briefly shows up.


I’ve never been impressed with Symphony phone’s camera performance. Granted, some high-end smartphones do have better camera, but like most other people, I’m accustomed to the idea that Symphony phones usually have bad camera.

The rear autofocus camera with LED light is a 5MP shooter. But don’t smile yet, because your selfies will only be in 2MP unless you want to go old school and use the rear camera to take a selfie. The camera performance is mediocre. In broad daylight, you may get some good quality shots, but in indoors and low-light situation, the camera will disappoint you.

Having said that, there are a few things that you’re going to like about the camera application on Symphony Roar A50. The phone uses Google Camera, which means you have access to a bunch of cool features such as built-in Panorama, HDR, and Lens Blur.

symphony roar a50 android one screenshot

The Lens Blur feature is worth talking about. When Google first introduced it, it said that you could take DSLR-like images thanks to Lens Blur. Apparently, when the background is blurry, that photo becomes DSLR-like. And that’s what’s going to happen when you use Lens Blur. Your subject is going to be in perfect focus, but the background will be blurrier-than-usual to give you that shallow depth of field effect.

Using Lens Blur requires a bit of practice. You have to vertically move the phone to grab a photo using Lens Blur. It takes some time getting used to it. But when you do, you might like what Google packed in there.

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