Samsung Gear VR is Samsung’s Foray Into Virtual Reality Market

Gear VR

It didn’t take too long for Samsung to jump into smartwatch market as soon as the rumors started swirling the web that Apple was making one. But it wasn’t just about Apple. Anytime Samsung sees a market is booming, it jumps into it. And the latest market that Samsung has entered with today’s Galaxy Note unveiling is a different one: Virtual Reality headset.

The first successful shot at Virtual Reality came from Oculus with Oculus Rift, which was later acquired by Facebook. Those of you who live in the world of technology are already aware of Oculus Rift. If Virtual Reality becomes mainstream one day, Oculus Rift will be the pioneer in paving the path.

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Good thing is, Samsung didn’t design on their own. The Gear VR headset is powered by Oculus, which gives the device a major plus point as Oculus Rift has already been widely praised around the world. Samsung definitely hopes that if you liked Oculus Rift, you’ll love Samsung Gear VR.

With that said, there are some upsides and downsides to the new gadget in town.

gear VR

The downside of Gear VR is it’s compatible with Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 only. No other smartphone, not even those from Samsung, is compatible with the device. So it’s aimed at new buyers who choose to opt for Samsung’s latest flagship phablet. The price of Samsung Gear VR is not announced yet, so it’s undoubtedly true that the price will matter a lot on whether people who buy a new device (Galaxy Note 4) will want to buy a VR headset.

On the plus side, the Gear VR does not need any wired connection. So unlike what you see with Oculus Rift, you will be free to walk around while wearing the Gear VR, though that will not be very practical. Samsung says that Bluetooth gaming controllers will work with the Gear VR, so that will make your life even more fun, and detached from the real life. The company also told reporters that a new content store will be available to get content for Samsung Gear VR as soon as the device is available for purchase.

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However, the Korean company did not announce any release date for Gear VR, either. So you will still have to wait until Samsung announces the price and availability of the VR headset, on which its success will largely depend.

So what do  you think? How much may Samsung sell its VR for?

Image Credit: The Verge