First Look at Walton Primo N1

In Bangladeshi market, Android phones have become the choice of mobile phone since local companies have begun selling them at a very affordable price. Starting from various Symphony phones and Walton phones, there are plenty of Android phones to choose from when it comes to low-end devices. However, Walton is heating up the competition by offering really attractive Android phones at a very competitive price. The latest in its Primo series is the first quad-core phone offered by the company named Walton Primo N1.

Walton Primo N1 – CPU, GPU and RAM

walton Primo N1

Walton Primo N1 is technically the first phablet in Bangladeshi local market. It’s a 5.3″ device with MTK6589 (Cortex A7) 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. On graphics processing end, Primo N1 has PowerVR SGX544MP. There’s an interesting catch about its RAM, though.

Usually, a phone with 1 GB of RAM does not have 1GB RAM available for user. It gives somewhere between 700-800 megabytes of RAM for user and holds the rest for the phone’s kernel. In Walton Primo N1, though, you will find 976 MB of user available RAM which surprised us. In fact, this is something you’re going to be benefited from when playing high graphics games and too many apps at the same time.

Walton Primo N1 has 2GB of Internal storage. Out of these, 1GB is reserved for installing applications and games and the other 1 GB is reserved for storing other files. However, the device supports microSD memory card so you don’t need to worry about spaces as you can go as much as 32 GB of capacity with Walton Primo N1.

walton primo N1


Walton Primo N1 has a 5.3 inch with a qHD display resolution (960 x 540 pixels resolution) with a ppi of 240. Although the resolution is a bit low compared to the size of the screen, but we didn’t catch it that much in our eyes because of the good sharpness of the display. So, unless you’re a hardcore user, you won’t have a problem with this comparatively low resolution on Primo N1.


You can get a glimpse of sensors Walton Primo N1 equips in the photo below.

Walton Primo N1 has almost all the sensors smartphones usually come with. It has Accelerometer sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Orientation Sensor and magnetic field sensor. It also has GPS and bluetooth.


Walton Primo N1 sports an 8MP auto-focus capable rear camera and a 1 MP camera on the front. We couldn’t take an outdoor photo using the device’s camera for example, but we were able to take the shot below using Walton Primo N1’s rear camera.

walton primo n1 camera sample

The rear camera is capable of recording 720p HD videos in mp4 format. However, there was no sample video recorded by its camera for us to see. But we’re hoping it will be a decent, if not top-notch, HD video recording with Walton Primo N1’s camera.


Benchmark results have become very popular over the past years since it gives an overview of how well the device’s hardware and software combination is going to perform. It’s not 100% perfect, but it gives a brief idea of a smartphone’s performance. Walton Primo N1 scored a whooping 12,817 at AnTuTu Benchmark.

walton primo n1

It’s worth mentioning that a little bit of optimization in device or using custom ROM like CyanogenMod helps boost the device’s performance which equals to better benchmark results. But for a device manufactured by local company, over 12,000 scores in stock ROM is beyond expectation.

Here’s another benchmark result for frame-per-second test.

walton primo n1


Walton Primo N1 has a 3,000 mAh battery to power all the juice it comes with. It has FM radio with recording capability, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB 2.0 and no HDMI port. Yes, the lack of HDMI output can dissatisfy a lot of customers who might want to connect the device with an external monitor to enjoy true HD video. If you were to buy Walton Primo N1, you might miss an HDMI output.

As for USB on-the-go (OTG) cable, we are still not sure if it’s supported. Chances are, if it’s supported, you might be able to use a micro-USB-to-HDMI converter. But, we’re not sure.

Pricing and Availability

The sales persons at Walton’s showroom hints us that the price will not cross 17,000 mark. We’re expecting the same so. They are also saying that the device may hit the market right towards the end of April, when several other devices including Samsung Galaxy S4 is hitting the international market.

For a device like Walton Primo N1 at 17,000 TK price, it’s really worth looking forward to this device. Let’s just hope that the device’s performance will live up to its expectations.

Are you looking forward to buying Walton Primo N1? Let us know in the comments.

This post was first written by Sakibul Islam at Android Kothon.