MoICT launches ‘National Mobile Application Development Program’ in Bangladesh

bangladesh ict mobile appThe Ministry of ICT, Bangladesh has undertaken ‘National Mobile Application Development: Awareness and Capacity Building’ program with the goal of helping the youth of Bangladesh connect to the international mobile applications market.

The project will especially emphasize providing necessary technical training for independent mobile application development to students in universities and at the grassroots level.  As well as that, effort will be undertaken to raise awareness of mobile app potential among the public and among policy makers. The successful completion of this project will be an active boon to the established goal of 2021: Digital Bangladesh mission.

The project is also aimed to create a pool of world-class app developer through employment in local and international markets. MCC Ltd and EATL are the implementing partners of this National Program. MCC Ltd., a veteran Bangla language-based mobile app developer, will use their considerable experience in mobile app development to aid the government in conducting this project.

Microsoft, Nokia Bangladesh, Google Developer Group, SOLQuest and Symphony will help by acting as associate partners of this program.  The programs that have been developed under this project are mobile application idea generation contest, mobile apps idea collection: apps sensitization – boot camp in all the 7 divisions, digital content creation for teaching, apps development training in all the districts and lastly a national mobile app championship.

When all these are done, an open web portal will be constructed for mobile app developers, to help them and to act as a news portal for all news about various programs across the country related to mobile app development.

This article first appeared on The Daily Star. A Bangla version of this article also appeared on Android Kothon.