Samsung is reportedly preparing a higher-end Galaxy S5 Prime, photos leaked

galaxy s5 prime

It looks like Samsung thinks Galaxy S5, its latest flagship phone, is not high-end enough! The Korean company is reportedly gearing up for an even higher-end version of Galaxy S5, called Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, and today we have some photos that are believed to be of Galaxy S5 Prime.

So what are the differences between the original Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Prime? Since it’s not officially announced yet, we have to rely on the rumors. And according to them, the Galaxy S5 Prime will feature a metallic frame made of aluminium. While the Galaxy S5 Prime looks visually similar to Galaxy S5, if you take a closer look, the Galaxy S5 looks slightly wider and thicker.

Apart from the slight change is design, you can also see that the speaker has been moved to the bottom of the device from the back where it is on the original Galaxy S5.

The backside still looks like the same as Galaxy S5, but it’s possible that before the final release, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S5 Prime with a redesigned back cover.

As for the specifications of the still unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s reported to have a Quad HD display, 3 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 805 processor. The device has a rumored announce date of mid-June, which means we have to wait approximately one month for this device to come into official existence.

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Source: Android Authority via Phone Arena

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