Leagoo arrives in Bangladesh

leagoo bangladesh

China dominates the smartphone industry in world. Whether its Apple, or some local brand like Symphony, every smartphone in the world was born in China. Therefore, China is good at production of smartphones, but does not take the risk of the actual selling or marketing process of a device. It’s brand like Symphony, Walton or Samsung, that add value to the devices through software and hardware innovations and make each device unique.

However, China wants to give their own clients a run for their money. Many suppliers or manufacturers of devices from China are uprising; innovating on software and hardware level to make optimal devices. One such example is Leagoo. The brand is a creation of OTEAD Industrial Co. LTD who actually OEM and ODM smartphones for brands such as Micromax, Haier and many others. But Leagoo is not a phone ODM or OEM Company. It’s a separate brand that hopes to provide as good phones as likes of Xiaomi, who is set on a path to disrupt the tech industry.


Today Leagoo has revealed their existence in Bangladesh, by promoting their official page: Leagoo Bangladesh. But why be excited for a new brand? With so many brands to choose from, it’s confusing for common users to choose from a specific brand. Even though, it’s tough to compare and find out the best deal, it is also noteworthy and appreciable that smartphone brands are trying to make their products innovate and solve user problems. For example, the Leagoo Lead 7 comes with a whooping 4500mAh battery. Anyone who is very outgoing will definitely find this a good feature to have in their phone. You must be now wondering about the figure of the device. If Leagoo’s spec sheet is correct, the device is 160 gram in weight and 8.9mm thick. That means, even with a 4500mAh battery the smartphone is not fat or heavy.

Phones, especially the smart ones are becoming dull, since now it’s no longer a battle of specs only. The software, the uniqueness and the design are key factors and weapons of war in the smartphone industry. Leagoo can provide you a good deal in all these key factors. However, it does make me wonder whether the brand name is suitable for our country, and whether it was too much of a paperwork to sell it under a different name here.

We’d be interested in seeing how Leagoo performs in a growing yet saturated smartphone market in Bangladesh. What do you care about most when purchasing a new smartphone? The brand, hardware specifications, or just the performance?