Beyond filters: Instagram update brings more editing capabilities

instagram update

If you have been keeping yourself from using Instagram all these days because just a bunch of simple filters weren’t cutting it for you, now would be the best time to finally install it and give it a try. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service currently owned by Facebook, has released an update that brings more precise photo editing capabilities.

The update lets you individually adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, etc after you apply a filter to it. Previously, you could only manually adjust the framing, cropping and the blurring (tilt-shift effect) on Instagram app. The new version lets you do post-filter editing more precisely.

Of course, these advanced editing tools won’t make up for the professional photo editing tools you use on your computer. But for instant photo-sharing that Instagram is popular for, the advanced editing control over your images will definitely bring much more fun to the table.

Google Play Store: Instagram instagram on google play

Instagram new version is currently rolling out to various Android devices via Google Play Store. If you’re not seeing the version 6.0 right away, just install anyway and be sure to update once it is released for your device.