Philips W6618 Android Phone promises massive battery backup – 66 days in a row

Philips W6618

Philips is a consumer electronic manufacturer company best known in Bangladesh for its iconic light bulb. However, the company has joined the smartphone revolution by introducing an entry-level smartphone called Philips W6618. We know that all of our readers are feeling ‘meh’ at this point. But you haven’t heard the whole story yet. There’s one compelling feature that truly sets this phone apart from the rest of the warriors at the smartphone market. It’s the battery backup.

How does 66 days in standby and 33 hours in talktime mode sound to you? Long enough?

If you take a look around, you’ll notice that you’re not alone in the outrage of smartphones constantly requiring to be connected to a power source. Specially in Bangladesh, if you use 3G internet, you’ll have to charge your phone’s battery at least twice a day. This is even worse in entry level Walton or Symphony (among other) smartphones that come with really low capacity battery (around 1,500 mAh usually).

While the smartphone market is full of gimmicky features, Philips has taken a deeper look at what really is necessary. And the company has come up with the solution: a bigger, better battery.

Philips W6618

The Philips W6618 is an entry-level smartphone that is powered by a MediaTek quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3 GHz. It features a 1GB RAM (still better than most other entry-level 512 RAM smartphones you can avail in Bangladesh), a microSD memory card slot and a whooping 5-inch display that rocks with qHD resolution. But that’s not the best part. The best part is, the battery, that Philips claims can provide backup for more than two months (66 days to be exact) in standby mode. Switch to talking and the it’ll run endlessly for 33 hours.

Then again, that’s just what Philips claims. The true capacity of the battery inside Philips W6618 is 5,300 mAh. Now we think Philips may be right after all, don’t we?

There is a downside to this all, though. The phone is a little bit thicker than most other smartphones available today. This is a design sacrifice the company had to make in order to make room for that giant battery. Philips has priced the phone in China with a tag of 1699 Yuan (which is about $273 in United States Dollar).

The good news is, the Philips W6618 is supposed to be available in select Asian and European markets. We still don’t know whether or not Bangladesh is included in that list. But if it hits India, and it most certainly will, it’s obvious that some importers will bless our country with this smartphone by selling them though at a higher price.

Without taking a look at the smartphone, it’s understandable that this phone will not be a powerhouse if you want to run many apps at once or do hardcore gaming or other power hungry tasks. But for most average users, especially to people like me who cry for larger battery, this should come as a blessing. Now let’s just hope the performance and build quality lives up to the expectation (which is not too high, by the way).

Would you be willing to buy a Philips phone for the larger battery or would you skip it because it may hurt your image? Be honest and let us know in the comments.