Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas slammed with bad reviews on Google Play, bugs crash the game

gta san andreas on android

Much-anticipated Android game of the quarter Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from Rockstar Games has finally landed on Google Play store for Android gamers. As much as they hate being the second to iOS gamers to be able to play top titles, this time, the gamers are yet again furious for constant crashes and enormous bugs turning the game into an unplayable app.

About a week after the game hit App Store for iOS users, Rockstar Games launched GTA: San Andreas on Google Play for $6.99. At 2.4 GB size, the game is pretty big, but that’s understandable considering how big the actual gameplay is. But those who bought and downloaded all that data are not happy at all. The game’s Play Store reviews have attracted over a thousand 1-star reviews due to crashes.

The crash appears to happen at different times for different users. Logan F. writes on Google Play that the game force closes during the very first loading screen while Alexander Macleod writes that the game loads but “just before the first cut scene it crashes.”

We were supposed to clash in the city of San Andreas; but the city crashes itself

“Update gets the game to start but crashes when starting a new mission,” complains John Howes who tried the game on a Nexus 5.

Rockstar Games hasn’t officially responded to any of these reviews despite Google Play allowing developers to issue a reply to reviews they receive on Play store. But it’s apparent that the game developer is working on a fix. A 1.02 patch was issued but according to Logan F., who didn’t write what device he was using, the game is still broken even after the patch.

However, an entirely different picture emerges when you visit the iOS App Store, iTunes, for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Reviews suggest that Rockstar got the game right for iOS users right from the start. Android users not only got the game a week later, but also purchased a buggy game that is downright unplayable.

The game will get fixed over time and gamers will get to enjoy the game at a certain point, but it’s high time game and app developers realized that Android gamers/users deserve some priority.

Have you bought or waiting to buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android?