How to Scan QR Code Using Android’s Camera

neoreader android appQR is the shortened form of Quick Response. QR codes are getting extremely popular. I won’t go into details about what QR codes are because this is no university. But I’ll tell you why this is important and popular.

Imagine you’re seeing a web page on your desktop computer and you want to view it on the Android device as well. Can you imagine typing the whole address on your device if the address is really long and complicated? Even the website owners will know that it’s boring to type in long URLs on smartphone or tablet. That’s when QR codes come in. Website owners will leave you a QR code on your computer display. All you need to do is fire up some sort of QR code reader/scanner application, point your camera at the code and voila! You’ll see the URL that you can visit within seconds.

Let’s give you one awesome and fast application that does the scanning job for you.

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The name of the app is NeoReader. It came pre-installed with my Android device but it won’t with many others. There maybe a pre-installed scanner on your device as well, but I’ve found that NeoReader is the fastest among every other scanners on the store. I’ve tried Google Goggles, Scan, Scanner, and a few others. But nobody does the scanning job as fast as NeoReader. So, this  is my number 1 recommendation when it comes to scanning codes.

One cool thing about NeoReader is that it supports offline scan. I’ve found that most other scanners require you to have your Internet connection active, which may drain more battery power, but if you don’t want to visit a particular website and just want to see what’s inside a QR code, you wouldn’t like bothering with turning the Internet on. So, NeoReader wins here again.

neoreader qr code scanner app for android

Google Play Store link: NeoReaderqr code for neoreader android app

Using NeoReader is plain easy. All you really need to do is start the app and wait for the camera to run, when the camera is on, just point your device towards the QR code on screen, print, t-shirt or anywhere you find, and it’ll instantly scan and show you the text within it.

Done installing NeoReader? Ready to reveal some hidden message from QR code? Scan the code below (does not contain any links, just so you know):

qr code fun

Fun, right?

Were you able to decipher the message from the QR code above? Let me know that if you will do what I asked. 😉