OnePlus One Android Lollipop Teased in New Video

oneplus one

OnePlus One smartphone users have been waiting to get their hands on an Android Lollipop update for quite some time now. Although the smartphone was released initially with a Cyanogen OS, legal battles have prompted the company to develop its own ROM based on the new version of Android.

OxygenOS is the name OnePlus is giving to the new ROM for its OnePlus One smartphones. The name was announced some time ago, but now the company has uploaded a teaser video showing OnePlus One in action with its Android Lollipop-based operating system, OxygenOS.

The 24-second video titled “The OnePlus One just got a little sweeter. Coming soon!” gives a quick show-around with the new ROM that’s yet to release. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the operating system being displayed is a CM12S build or OxygenOS, but given that the company is working on OxygenOS, it’s safe bet that the later is running on the phone.

It’s clear that the new custom ROM will give an entirely new and different flavor to the OnePlus One users who are now using the CyanogenMod OS. The company is expected to reveal more details on the new ROM on Feb. 12. Until then, OnePlus One users will just have to wait.