This might be the new Android logo


Did you know how long Android has existed for? Did you know over the course of its lifetime, the operating system’s logo has seen absolutely no official change? Google might have thought that it was time for an update. And if the new image is truly Android’s new logo, we have to say that the search giant has taken a leap into the right direction.

A short video leaked today alleging to be the boot animation of LG’s upcoming smartwatch, LG G Watch, running on Android Wear, features a less futuristic new Android logo. And you have already seen that in the opening image of this post.

Below is the video that’s said to be the 17-second boot animation of Android Wear-powered LG G Watch:

This isn’t still clear whether the new Android logo seen in the boot animation is LG’s own customized version or this is the new logo Google has come up with. But it is highly unlikely for a company to modify the Android logo. Even if Google redesigned the logo, it’s not clear whether the new logo will apply to all Androids or just specific to Android Wear that is yet to be released.

What’s your take on the leaked new logo? Is it better than the old one?