Gionee is coming to Bangladesh

Gionee is one of those companies who like to stay off everyone’s radar when it comes to selling phone. They are mostly OEM partner to brands like BLU, Prestigio, and our own Walton. Although popular in China, the brand was unknown to other parts of the world. However, with their success in India, Gionee has decided to try their luck as well in Bangladesh by selling their phones under their own brand name.


Gionee has sold their phones under different names worldwide. For example, Walton X3 mini is Gionee’s Slim S5.1. It is quite obvious since most system files are under Gionee name. The Gionee Slim S5.1 is also rebranded as BLU Vivo Air in North America. BLU also uses Gionee’s press rendering of the S5.1 on their Facebook Page. The only thing they do is put their logo instead of Gionee.

Gionee is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. The company was founded in 2002. It is one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. According to Gartner, its market share in China was 4.7% in 2003, and it has moved into other markets, such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Nigeria. Now it will start operations in Bangladesh. It will be interesting to see what Walton does since Gionee is one of their prime manufacturing partners. Their arrival is quite confirmed since they posted job offers on LinkedIn seeking Test Engineer in Bangladesh.

Another popular Chinese brand Oppo followed a similar approach in recruiting professionals from Bangladesh before their official launch.

Will we see same phone under different brand name? Or Will Walton choose a new partner? What do you think? Do comment and lets us know.

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