Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Lite’ for Low-end Android Phones


One of the most used apps on Google Play is Facebook, and it’s one of the worst apps, too. Because it takes a lot of space and eats up resources, until recently it constantly received negative reviews on Google Play store. In fact, the app became so demanding that Facebook had to strip it off messaging services, requiring users to install Facebook Messenger to message their friends, which also caused rage among its users.

Facebook Lite is a slimmed-down version of Facebook Android app that runs on low-end phones and takes up very little space.

But Facebook understands that no matter what it does, the app just isn’t right for low-end smartphones from three years ago. Especially on the developing markets like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, most people do not have the luxury to buy a good mid-range smartphone that has adequate hardware features. Internet connection can also be an issue in these countries.

To make sure users with a low-end phone is capable of using Facebook on their phone, Facebook just announced Facebook Lite, a new application on Google Play store that is aimed at users in developing countries who are using low-end smartphones. The app itself is less than 1 MB in size, Wired says its just 252 KB. That means it won’t take up much space on those early 4 GB internal storage phones where user available storage is even less than that.

facebook lite

None of our devices were capable of installing the app. Perhaps because our devices don’t qualify?


Facebook made sure that all the basic features are included in the app despite its ridiculously low size. The app can be used to stalk friends, see their status, links, and photos as well as share status and photos with friends. Thankfully, unlike the original Facebook app, Facebook Lite allows users to send and receive messages. Facebook realized a separate app for Facebook’s messaging option would only require more space on the user’s device.

According to Wired, the new app is now available in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. It works on smartphone that run on Android 2.2+, so if your phone didn’t receive any update in the last three years, you should still be good to go.

In our test, strangely, non of the smartphones that are connected to our account was eligible for Facebook Lite. So we’re guessing phones that are capable of running the full version of Facebook app can’t run Facebook Lite? Do check out Facebook Lite on Google Play store and let us know if you can install the app on your device.