OnePlus One vs Canon 5D Mark III: Yeah You Read That Right

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If your eyes are about to pop out because we put OnePlus One, a smartphone camera, against what is probably the best full-frame DSLR camera available today, Canon 5D Mark III, you are not alone. OnePlus One has been put to the test side by side with Canon 5D Mark III in a YouTube video. It’s a comparison of how well both of these devices shoot videos in broad daylight. And the result might be immediately surprising to some people.

Let’s see the video first.

OnePlus One vs Canon 5D Mark III

Before we start commenting on the video, it’s worth pointing out why the creator of the video, a filmmaker himself, did the comparison. According to the description of the video, “The reason of this comparison is exclusively to discover how good is the OnePlus One camera in ideal light conditions, compared to a professional DSLR, nothing less nothing more. I wouldn’t use a phone for professional shooting, but for sure this is an incredible device for all filmmakers that want to be able to shoot something great on the go, when they don’t have their professional equipment in the bag.”

Now there are a couple of things that you should note about this video. First, with your camera intended for shooting video, you aren’t going to be shooting video in broad daylight 100% of the time. If you put both cameras in a low-light situation, the result will be surprisingly different than what it is now.

Also, just capturing the video isn’t what you’re going to be looking for if you want to do it professionally. There are settings to be tinkered with in the OnePlus One camera app, but you can bet that the settings that a Canon 5D Mark III comes with will far outweigh those simple smartphone camera settings.

And then there is the ability to shoot in different lenses. It’s one of the best things about any DSLR. You can change your camera lens to fit your needs. The video does show how clear the footage is at 500% crop, but who’s going to put a video at 500% crop in production (unless you shot some alien or UFO flying by)?

Bottom line, if you’re an average smartphone user and want to do some videography with your phone, then OnePlus One may be the best for you, although there is the fact that you can’t just buy one even if you’ve got the money. But if you want to do it professionally, then between the two, 5D Mark III is the obvious choice.

Having said all that, it does feel like a weird comparison between the two, doesn’t it? Both shoot videos, but aimed at completely different types of users. So putting Canon 5D Mark III against OnePlus One isn’t going to draw potential 5D Mark III buyers into OnePlus One. Even if it did, what’s the point? You can’t buy a OnePlus One if you want to.

What’s your favorite feature about OnePlus One?