Oppo Launching Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod on December 10, Goes on sale for $599

oppo n1Chinese manufacturer Oppo has made headlines in the past by introducing spectacular Android phones. The company is back at it again. The Oppo N1, equipped with popular custom ROM CyanogenMod, will go on sale in the United States and Europe on December 10. The high-end beast will cost $599.

Oppo N1 packs a powerful 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor with 2 GB RAM, 5.9-inch 1080p IPS display and 16/32 GB models. However, the unique selling point of Oppo N1 is the camera. It features a rotating 13 megapixel shooter that you can rotate to take selfies as well as photographs as rear camera. This makes the phone’s front and back camera 13 MP.

Buyers will have the choice between CyanogenMod, which is expected to launch a new device with a brand new hardware partner, or Oppo’s skinned version of Android. Oppo will directly sell the Oppo N1 at $599 in the U.S. and for €449 in the Europe.

Would you rather choose Oppo’s skinned Android or the CyanogenMod version of Oppo N1 should you choose to buy the device? Let us know why in the comments.

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