Top 10 Smartphone apps of 2013

Nielsen has gathered data from U.S. smartphone users of the age of 18 and above from January to October 2013. The firm has recently released the result of its study which concludes in a list of top 10 smartphone apps. It’s important to note that the list lists top 10 smartphone apps from ‘smartphones’, not particularly from Android or iOS.

top 10 smartphone apps 2013

Facebook, despite outcries of how awful its app is, wins the crown of being the most used smartphone of 2013 with an average unique users of 103.5 million. But after that, the rest is dominated by Google.

In ranking order, the list follows Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, [Apple] Maps, Stocks and Twitter. Look closely, and you’ll spot that five of top ten smartphone apps for 2013 are from Google.

Nielsen concluded the study stating that 51% of smartphone market in the United States is dominated by Android while Apple’s iOS has a market share of 41%. The list of top 10 smartphone apps further shows us that Google also wins in Apple’s iOS territory by having Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail as top smartphone apps. (Google Play is not in this list because iOS users don’t need Google Play.)

We eagerly look forward to a new year to see how the smartphone market is shaped. Will Google continue to dominate the smartphone world?

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