Calling all Bangladeshi Android App Developers

bangladeshi app developer

It’s high time we started a series featuring Android developers from our birthplace — Bangladesh.

As you probably know, Android Kothon started its journey in August 2012 and has grown to enormous popularity since then. Due to some reasons our original Bangla site doesn’t get regular update as much as it used to, but this English version has been doing great since its launch. And we’re happy that we still get tons of visitors from Bangladesh and around the world.

We are lucky to have built a platform that brings Android enthusiasts together. We are lucky to have inspired a lot of Android-related groups on Facebook. And we feel great to be the first Android-related Bangla website in the world (and also the first bilingual platform in Bangladsh).

Now we want to utilize this opportunity and bring some more people into the spotlight. We want to feature Bangladeshi Android app developers making games and apps. We are looking for developers who built and released (and maintaining regular updates) games and/or apps on Google Play. If you are one of the many, we want you to contact us.

Please note that we want apps/games that:

  • have a unique style and design;
  • don’t have too many ads;
  • are available for free;
  • aren’t aggregators of third-party content (such as newspaper apps);
  • are developed by at most three people who live in Bangladesh;
  • run on Android 4.0 and later.

We will prioritize unique concepts, but we are not making it mandatory. So if you’ve developed a running games similar to Temple Run, you’re okay to submit it to us. Do note that it’s not a contest and there will be no prize; that is if you believe getting your app or game to a wide audience is not a prize in itself. 😉

So, Bangladeshi Android App developers out there, use the form below to get in touch with us. Do include your email so that we can get back to you. If your app deserves it, we will create a separate post reviewing it.* Otherwise it will be featured in a list post.

*If you do not appreciate negative reviews (if it is bad, we will say it is bad), please do not submit your app to us. Thanks.

While we can’t guarantee that your app download will skyrocket after we review it, simply because readers may simply not like the concept or design of your app, you will sure get a lot of exposure especially as a Bangladeshi developer. So send us your app now.

In case we receive large number of submissions, we might be late in responding to your submission. Please be patience while we swim through your apps. Thanks! 

Have a question? Ask us in the contact form