This is a call for application for a part-time writer position for our Bangla site over at We are currently not seeking writers for the English site, but we’re hosting this page here because the ideal writer would have to have a good understanding of English.

Here’s something that should be exciting to you. Android Kothon is hiring. Yes, if you like talking about new technologies in the mobile industry — specifically Android but also the industry as a whole — and you have a knack for writing news and commentary, we’re looking for you.

The position at Android Kothon Bangla is a part-time position. We’d like to be upfront about the fact that the payment is not as handsome as we’d like it to be. This is perfect for people who want to break into the world of online writing and want to turn their passion for mobile devices, gadgets, and new technologies into something that makes money no matter how small the amount may be.

Here are the details of what we’re looking for, what you will be doing if you’re hired, and what we’ll be expecting from you in the coming days.

The idea candidate should:

  • Not undermine the capability and demand for local smartphone brands.
  • Live and breathe technology.
  • Constantly and passionately follow everything that’s happening in the technology world. Tech sites are like food to them.
  • Have a flair for writing news articles in Bangla. Proficiency in typing Bangla fast is a must.
  • Check emails multiple times a day and is online most of the time.
  • Have a moderate Android phone to test new apps if needed.
  • Have an internet connection with a computer.
  • Is good at translating English content into Bangla without sounding like a robot.
  • Have the mindset to understand that negative reactions to the content they write are part of a writer’s life and they should not be upset about it.

If you meet those criteria above, here’s what you will be doing if you join in:

The writer will:

  • Regularly scour the web for newsworthy content to be written and published on our site.
  • Write at least 2/3 news articles per day. This is definitely subject to the newsworthiness of the content found online. If there really is nothing worth writing about on a particular day, you won’t need to write. The timing will be flexible, but we need you to be committed.
  • Write news articles that are assigned to them. The original source news articles in English will be provided, so fluency in translating content into Bangla is important.
  • Test multiple apps and/or games on their phone or tablet device to write reviews. Writing review requires a knack for forming an opinion with a touch of personality. So the writer will be given the freedom to share what they truly feel about the app that they are testing. This, however, should not be the case with news content.
  • Be able to attend a friendly meetup somewhere in the city for at least 1-2 times a month.

In addition to all these, sometimes, the writer will be encouraged to go places with the editorial team to help with reviewing a device or covering an event. The frequency of such events will be low, and it’s not a strict requirement for the writer to attend the events.

How to Apply

Include the following information in an email to the address sajib[at] Make sure your subject line is “I Want to Write for AK.”

  1. Your full name.
  2. The area of your residence (We’re currently seeking for people from Dhaka only).
  3. Profession (If a student, mention the institute).
  4. Favorite Android device.
  5. Android device that you currently own.
  6. Confirmation that you have a working internet connection and computer at home.
  7. Scour the web and come up with at least two recent newsworthy Android-related articles. Write those news posts in Bangla on Google Drive and share the link in the email. Make sure to set the privacy of the Doc so that it’s visible to us.
  8. Tell us why you think/don’t think rooting an Android phone is necessary in recent times.

Payment of this part-time position is not huge, but the experience can be rewarding and fun, especially if you’re already spending time reading tech sites anyway!

Know someone who’ll be the perfect fit for the position? Share this link with them. They’ll most likely thank you later!