Symphony Roar A50 Android One Hands-on Review

Display and Touch

Symphony Roar A50 Android One smartphone has a 4.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The display is bright, colorful and well-saturated. I wouldn’t go as far to compare it with the display with my Moto G, which is a well-balanced entry-level smartphone, but the colors of Symphony Roar A50 display looks nice and beautiful. Perhaps better than most other smartphones from Symphony around this price.

The light sensor on Symphony Roar A50 really helps. I turned the auto brightness indoors, and the brightness was quite low; enough to make staring at the screen comfortable. I then stepped outside and the phone’s display brightness suddenly went up keeping the same level of display brightness. Under direct sunlight, you would wish that the brightness was a bit, well, brighter. But for me personally, it was okay. I didn’t have any problem reading materials on the screen under direct midday sunlight.

symphony roar a50 android one vs moto G

Folks who have used an IPS display before will find the touch sensitivity of the display of Symphony Roar A50 familiar. But there’s a catch. The screen protector paper that is attached on top of the screen significantly degrades the touch responsive to the screen. You won’t miss anything, nor will your touch go unregistered, but you will feel moving your finger on the display is a bit stiff experience as opposed to when there is no screen protector paper on the display.

I took out the screen protector as soon as I got the phone because I find that irritating. The screen protector on my Moto G is still on because the touch experience is smooth even with the protector paper on. Symphony Roar A50…not so much. I did discover later during the recording of video review that Symphony delivered an extra screen protector with the phone in the box. Perhaps I will attach that protector before I put the phone up for sale. Regardless, it’s a nice to have the extra screen protector paper in the box.

Hardware Performance

Let’s see, how do you measure the hardware performance of a device? A popular answer will be to benchmark using different benchmarking applications. While there is an ongoing debate about whether benchmarking a phone provides any information that actually matters, it still remains to be a way to judge how capable the hardware of a device is. Not that everyone performs tasks that are super hardware intensive, still people like to know that their device can take it when they throw at it.

symphony roar a50 hands-on review

In my personal day-to-day use, I do not do much that requires tons of hardware use. I’m a heavy multi-tasker, that means on any time you will notice about 10+ apps open in the background. I tend to not go to task switcher and remove the apps that are running in the background, and that’s probably because I’m lazy. But this helped me figure out how good Symphony Roar A50 performs when there are multiple apps running in the background.

As with most, if not all, Symphony smartphones, the Roar A50 comes with Android Assistant installed. I ran the device about 4 days without restarting or cleaning up RAM or anything. I ran Skype, Viber, YouTube, and a number of other apps simultaneously which caused the battery backup to be reduced significantly, but I didn’t notice any noticeable lag in performance.

Sure, the occasional 2-second delay in returning to the homepage does happen from time to time. But that happens on my Moto G running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, too. I think that’s got to do with core Android operating system and not the hardware. It’s an optimization thing. More importantly, it didn’t slow me down that much.

Switching from app to app was a smooth experience. Thanks to the brilliant touch responsive of the display, regular day-to-day operation was fast enough to cope up with my robotic hands. All in all, I’m more than satisfied with the device’s performance. If you’d like me to test a particular application that you think is hardware intensive, just let me know in the comments sections I’ll be happy to test it out for you.

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  • Saddam

    of course update countdown begins immediately after companies announce the device

  • Saddam

    Any Way, Great Review ! Few things I need to know
    1. Call Quality
    2. Mic Quality – Other users listen your voice loudly during call.


    • Call and microphone quality were satisfactory. I can’t complain.

      • f4fahad

        Same mic we see in Nexus

  • Rafi

    Cool elaborated review. Nicely done. Why dont you guys do more reviews like this? There are more than enough phones out there for you guys to be reviewing new phones every day! Not that you would have time for it but you seem to be not doing any review lately.

    • Well we’d want to, but the problem is we don’t have access to all the phones that we want to review. Companies aren’t very media-friendly when it comes to reviewing phones. While in other countries, companies send review units to blogs and media websites, in our country, we get told that all the information is on their website. Bottom line, we do not have the devices we want to review and companies aren’t very cooperative in this regard.

  • Tahsin

    What about the GPS ?

    • GPS locks fast and accurate. I have no trouble or dissatisfaction with the GPS of this phone.

  • Isteak

    What about the battery backup?

    • Battery backup is average. You might get a little over a day with moderate usage. With cautious usage, you could reach two days. With heavy usage, the battery won’t last a day.

      It all depends on your usage, what data is being transferred in the background, what apps are running, what network it’s connected to, etc. For example, connecting to 3G network will eat more battery than connecting to WiFi.

  • Omi

    I really liked your review, I felt relieved after reading it as I just bought the symphony a50 and had some doubts about it. You should have mentioned the battery because to me its seems that the battery performance is its weakest point (compared to a moto g 2013). The music quality (with better headphones) is also just average, it could have been a bit better. The phone is really light, a bit too light for my liking, now it feels a bit cheap and the flimsy fingerprint magnet back cover makes matters worse. Aside from that the phone is really good, exceptional for the price.
    Sajib Bhai, would it be wise to update to lollipop? Will it hinder the phones performance? Can you help me to turn off the annoying “old tv turning off animation” that occurs whenever i press the power/lock button to lock the device.Thank you.
    Saying it again(as once was not enough) great review man, keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. Yes, battery performance is sub-par. I have updated the article to reflect that. You know when you try to write something this detailed, few things tend to be missed. 🙂

      As for Lollipop update, I’d advise to wait until a few people around you have updated their Android One phone to the new version. Lollipop hasn’t been released yet so you don’t have to worry about it now. Plus the lock screen animation thing probably cannot be changed without rooting (and therefore voiding warranty). I don’t mind the subtle difference from other Android phones though.

  • f4fahad

    Every line i read remind me of making a good decision of buying this device. Using it since 24th of jan. Being a selfei freak i can say 2mp front gives good performance at this price range. So far good device proud owner of symphony the first android one of Bangladesh

    • Yup, Symphony nailed it this time.

      • f4fahad

        Symphony the new experience and I’m experiencing non brand for the first time. I must say if this level of quality symphony continues I’ll be like take my Money give me a symphony.

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  • Guest

    this Android One phone rebranded in Indonesia as Mito Impact A1 as you all can see in here:
    thanks for your review since no detailed review from Mito Impact available in Indonesia. I just pre ordered this phone and still waiting for 23 Feb to hands on

  • this Android One phone rebranded in Indonesia as Mito Impact A10 as you all can see in here:
    thanks for your review since no detailed review from Mito Impact available in Indonesia. I just pre ordered this phone and still waiting for 23 Feb to hands on 🙂

    • Thanks! I noticed some traffic from an Indonesian forum but wasn’t sure why people were coming here. Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

      • yep :D. another android one is Nexian rebranded from spice and evercoss rebranded from karbonn.
        I just want to ask you about the RAM performance. I’m using social media and chat apps a lot (like most indonesian do ;D), mostly WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, and Path. how about the RAM consumption? does it feel laggy?

        • RAM performance is quite well actually. I mean there are occasional lags when switching between apps and stuff, but that’s kind of like the core experience with Android. Almost all the phones I’ve used and tried had some degree of lag at one point or another. But for the most part, the phone is just fine.

          • f4fahad

            i use swype a lot while typing but sometimes i feel its not responding did you face any issue like this

          • Well, Swype itself is laggy. It lags sometimes on all phones I’ve tried. So yeah there is that occasional lag.

      • or maybe the app itself doesn’t compatible with lollipop, swiftkey feels laggy too in lollipop

        • I’m not sure about that. I have Lollipop on my Moto G and the performance is exactly same as it was with KitKat and ICS. I think Swype Keyboard itself is kinda resource-hungry.

  • isaakir

    that’s a great review vaiya 🙂 planning to buy the phone tomorrow. does the phone provide with clear sound (i can hear others clearly) even in noisy environment? can u pls suggest a bluetooth device with noise cancellation feature that works in almost every handset ?

    • Thanks bro. I do think the hearing experience of this phone was pretty good. I don’t have any idea about bluetooth headsets, though. This phone, or most Android phones for that matter, already suffers from poor battery life. Adding a bluetooth headset to the mix will only worsen the battery life as the bluetooth will have to be remained on all the time. Not a good practice I suppose.

  • Masum

    please anyone help symphony roar A50 doesn’t shows in menu.but shows in beside the launcher bottom.i also try this by replace this app..but same case..

  • Nazmun Sakib

    Nice review. I thinking to buy this phone. please, can you tell about sound quality in headphone and how is the camera performance?

    • The provided headphone is crap. If you use a branded headphone then the sound quality improves significantly. Additionally if you download equalizing apps you can further improve the sound though I haven’t tried that.

  • tanim

    Can this phone make 3g video calls ?is both sim support 3g ?

  • why battery backup is so lame ? Can I increase the mAh of the battery somehow ?