Microsoft Office for Android Tablets Releases Today

office for android

Microsoft is taking its office suite made for Android tablets out of preview mode today. Sources said that the latest full version of Microsoft Office will show up on Google Play store anytime now.

Microsoft released Office for Android tablets in preview mode some months ago. Users on Android devices were able to enjoy almost all the features of Word, Excel and Powerpoint on their Android device. Only a small number of features were locked down as they required a paid Office 365 subscription.

According to sources, the preview program for Microsoft Office for Android was tested on over 3,000 variants of 500 separate devices running on Android operating system. Microsoft believes that it the app is ready for mainstream release, and is therefore taking it out of beta.

Microsoft Office is already rocking on iPhone and iPad with over 80 million downloads worldwide. With the new release on Android, Microsoft is making its Office apps free for use and available on all platforms. That’s all part of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s plans. He wants to reach as many users as possible with Microsoft products regardless of the what operating system those users are running.

Meanwhile the Redmond-based company is preparing Office 2016 for a release late this year as well as a touch-friendly version of the office suite for phones and tablets running on Windows 10.