Moto G Android Lollipop Update Released in Bangladesh and India

moto g lollipop update

After numerous reports of Moto G Lollipop update’s soak test being performed in India, Motorola has finally rolled out the latest version of Android to its budget smartphone Moto G. The latest regions to get the latest update are Bangladesh and India.

Users from these countries are reporting the latest update popping up on their device. Some might need to go to their phone’s Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update to be able to download the latest version. Motorola is pushing out Android 5.0.2, the very latest version that Google released, to both Moto G first and second generation edition. So whether you have the first generation or second generation of Moto G, you won’t be left out of the Lollipop flavor.

Android 5.0 Lollipop brings some new features. The most prominent of them all is the new Material Design, a design philosophy that Google has taken up since its I/O conference last year. The new design pattern follows bright and colorful animation that makes sense of each interaction with the interface.

Another new feature is a brand new battery saving option that can make the battery run for a long time when in low charge by saving power at an extreme level. The notification bar has been revamped, adding more options to manage how and when you receive notifications. They also show up right at the lock screen; no need to pull out the notification bar or unlock the phone to interact with the apps that send you those notifications.

Whenever new Android updates are rolled out, it takes quite a bit of time before manufacturers can release those updates to their smartphones. The new updates go through the manufacturer and the career before they are approved and pushed to the users. Motorola promised that it’d break the traditional way and push out updates at the soonest possible time even on its low cost Android phone, Moto G. The company has kept its promises by being one of the first companies to deliver Android Lollipop update even to the old first generation Moto G smartphone.

To check whether your Moto G Android Lollipop update has arrived, to go your settings and navigate to About Phone and Software Update. The update is about 350 MB of download. Motorola advises to have your battery charged before you attempt to install the update.

Are you a Moto G user? Have you received/updated your Moto G to the latest version?