Google Street View Launched in Bangladesh

street view in dhaka

There was a lot of chatter when Google Maps cars were recording imagery of Dhaka and other territories of Bangladesh. Principal among them was the question of when those images would actually go live. It has been a while since street view cars were here. A lot of us may have forgotten about the hype. But today we have a good news to share. Google Street View imagery from Bangladesh has finally gone live on Google Maps!

If you go to Google Maps now and search for specific area, you’ll see the map of that place along with an option to opt in to street views. As seen in the screenshot below, when you click the Street View option, you’ll enter the immersive 360 degree view of that area as recorded by sophisticated cameras from the top of Google’s Street View cars.

street view in bangladesh

This marks an important history in Bangladesh. Google Earth has been around for years now, but nothing comes as close as experiencing the streets imagery like in real world. Thanks to this, now you can take a look at any area before you are out of your bedroom. As of now, Street View can be used to view areas in Dhaka and Chittagong.

So go ahead and play with Street View. Now that Street View launched in Bangladesh, see what your everyday surrounding looks like through the lens of search giant Google (and be on the lookout for interesting stuff)!