WhatsApp and Line Joins the List of Apps Blocked in Bangladesh


WhatsApp, Line and one more messaging application joins the list of services currently blocked in Bangladesh. The authorities said that the previously banned services, Tango and Viber, will remain ‘behind ban’ until January 21 midnight.

Telecom regulator BTRC issued letters to block Line, WhatsApp and mypeople in Bangladesh. The government yesterday blocked Viber and Tango in an effort to stop criminals from using the service to communicate with each other. Although it was initially said that the services will be unblocked at Sunday midnight, the government has not only extended the bar but also added three more apps to the list.

All of these applications are used for sending and receiving instant messages at free of cost. Some of these services, including Viber and Line, allow users to make voice calling for free. The services are similar to Skype, but uses far less data to send and receive messages.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. Viber is also popular for its voice calling feature, something which WhatsApp is said to be working on. However, the continued blocking of these apps are not necessarily making users unable to use the services. Using free virtual private network services, anyone is able to access all of these blocked services. So ultimately what the block is causing is a lot of trouble for average users who use these messaging apps to stay in touch with friends and family.

Sources said that BTRC ordered to keep the services blocked until January 21 midnight. But it’s likely that the block on these services will continue.

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