3 Latest Headphones for Music Fans in Bangladesh

headphone for smartphone

Here’s a question for you! What exactly are you using these days for listening to your music collection while you are at home, at work or you are on the move?

Your answer would most probably be the terrible headphones you got packed along with your iPhone, cellular phone or the ones you stole from your younger brother. Whether you are using in-ears or over-ears for listening to your music library, you need making sure that your headphones are of top quality. By making use of cheap headphones we are doing our music library, a flagrant disservice by marrying it off to sub-standard headphones. As mentioned at Wikipedia as well as at various other sources, Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing electronics and multimedia markets in the world; which is the reason why you can find a great diversity in headphones across this part of the world.

We have compiled a list of few latest headphones that have hit the Bangladeshi market with a bang!

Bluedio H-Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone

Bluedio H-Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone

Bludio Hurricane H-Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone is one of the latest and most hi-tech additions to the headphones across Bangladeshi market. According to the manufacturer, they found that the headphones currently available in the market had some serious flaws such as lack of bass, mind boggling noise, stuffy appearance, lack of comfort and much more. All these flaws make the market’s existing headphones unacceptable for the hardcore music enthusiasts.

Bluedio worked for nearly three years and finally came up with a new product that they named, ‘Bluedio H-Turbine Bluetooth 4.1’. This headphone is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and most of all it is wireless! What more could a music lover need? The freedom of listening to top quality music without a wire is something most music lovers crave for.

Price: BDT 5,500.

Genius HS-300U Gaming Headphone

Genius HS-300U

Genius is one of the market’s leading electronics and multimedia accessories manufacturers. The company has set its feet firm in the world of electronics in a really short time span. By continuing its tradition of producing topnotch products for its customers, Genius has launched HS-300U headphone which is smart, lightweight and easy to use.

This headphone is compatible with PC/laptop as well all other devices with a connector USB. The main objective behind its sleek and stylish design is to make it comfortable for people to use it for travel, office and entertainment. Moreover, its volume control and microphone on the wire make it possible for you to adjust volume and talk to your buddies with maximum convenience.

Price: BDT 1,500.

Mosidun M20 Earphones

mosidun m20 earphones

Sometimes, the conventional headphones aren’t good enough for you to enjoy your favorite music especially when you are being lazy on the couch or feel like listening to music before you shut your eyes off to sleep; at such situations, the ear buds are the ultimate choice for you.

To let you stay comfortable in such situations, Mosidun, a well-known multimedia accessories manufacturer has released Mosidun M20 Earphones. These smart little ear plugs let you revel in your favorite music with tremendous sound quality. The colors available with this model include Golden, Black, Silver and Purple. With a frequency range of 20Hz-20KH and impedance of 16ohm you get the guarantee of soft music with absolutely no noise.

Price: BDT 999.

Apart from the latest headphones mentioned above, you can find a wide range of latest headphones across the Bangladeshi market. The best idea here would be to search over the cyber domain and get your favorite headphones from leading online shopping stores. You can find these headphones on Kaymu.com.bd, where you can find a number of other electronics. Since the cyber world is full of scammers apart from some great online shopping stores, you need to be really careful while choosing your online shopping store.

What headphone are you currently using and what do you plan to buy next?