Goldberg Smartphones to Launch in Bangladesh

goldberg bangladesh

This year has been quite a revolutionary one in Bangladesh; especially in the market of low to mid-range Android smartphones. International brands aside, two local companies have been neck to neck in competition and we have seen the arrival of a few new companies — though they didn’t quite earn that much name for themselves. As the year is coming to an end, a new name is up in the horizon. That name is Goldberg; and it is promising to bring unique designs and features with its Android smartphones.

The new name has been showing up as sponsored feed in the homepage of many Android enthusiasts in Bangladesh. So we decided to take a look at what Goldberg is all about and it piqued our interests. Turns out, it’s a company waiting to launch its own branded smartphones — that’s Goldberg Smartphones — in Bangladeshi market, and it’s already on the hunt for raw talent in Bangladesh.

A quick look at the official Facebook page of Goldberg reveals a contest that the company is running. It’s a hunt for photographs that reveal the true natural beauty of Bangladesh. Goldberg writes on its Facebook page that the winning photographs will be used on its smartphones as built-in wallpapers — definitely a move that we encourage — and the photographer of the winning pictures will be given a Goldberg smartphone for free, along with some other goodies.

goldberg bangladesh

If you’re a photographer, hurry up though; because the deadline is November 4. And that gives us the hint that the company is gearing up towards launching the phone. An insider tells us the phones will be launched in Bangladesh as soon as possible, but no estimated time frame was offered for the launch.

With a handful of new companies already in the market and Google’s Android One’s possible launch in Bangladesh in the near future, the next year is already starting to look pretty competitive for smartphone businesses in Bangladesh. It’s needless to say that Goldberg has to offer something irresistible to the market in order to capture it. But we still don’t know what type of market the company is targeting: entry level, mid-range, or high-end. But the way the company has already ramped up its online marketing, we are guessing that it’ll make some buzz when it launches in the market. And we will patiently be waiting to see what the next year brings to us.

What do you think of Android phone market in Bangladesh in 2015?

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