Lenovo Sold More Android Phones Than PCs


It’s surprising how little Bangladeshi folks know or care about Lenovo’s Android phones. It’s as if they don’t exist. I personally recommended a few high-end Lenovo phones to some potential buyers and their response was like, “I can get a Samsung for that price!”

But people need to know that Lenovo makes awesome Android phones. In fact, so awesome that for the first time ever, they sold more smartphones than PCs. Just to give you an idea how well Lenovo is in PC market share, just know that Lenovo has been the top PC seller in the market for the last five quarters (more than a year).

It’s true that overall PC sales isn’t increasing as much as the manufacturers would like to, but Lenovo is still doing great. Its latest report shows that its revenue and profit increased a convincing 18% and 22% respectively.

Aside from Android phones, Lenovo has a line-up of Android tablets like the Yoga 8 that we recommended earlier, and the company reported that they are doing great, too. According to a Lenovo, ‘It has taken third place among manufacturers with 2.3 million devices shipped, representing a rise of 67% compared to last year’s results.’

Lenovo’s phone and tablets are great. But the company needs to pay more attention to its branding. It doesn’t bombard the world with hordes of smartphones like Samsung does, but some of the Lenovo phones and tablets are actually pretty great. The latest phone Lenovo unveiled (yet unreleased) is Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro.

So the next time you set out to buy an Android phone or tablet, you don’t have to buy Lenovo, just give them a try. Perhaps you’ll like what you experience.