Samsung suggests you get a Galaxy S5 instead of waiting for a big screen iPhone

You know how iPhone users are so excited that the next generation of iPhone will probably have a bigger screen? And do you know how Android fans see that excitement? A new ad from Samsung portrays just that scene in an intelligent way.

“That hasn’t happened yet…” is the reaction the Android user gives to the excitement of the iPhone user who’s excited — like many others in real world — about the bigger screen. Take a look at the Samsung ad.

Without getting into the fight of Android vs iOS, we think it’s safe to say that Apple is indeed late in the game of big screen phones. But some also argue that one of the key reasons people still use iPhone is its moderate screen size. If it goes big, it might lose some customers who don’t like the idea of having big screen phones. Undoubtedly,  Apple will get some more customers who haven’t been using an iPhone just because the screen is too small for their taste. So in the end, the transition could be even.

Nevertheless, a new iPhone in the world could mean more bad news for the Korean company Samsung that hasn’t been doing much good in terms of profit. The newly released ad does point out a fact, but perhaps it won’t attract progressive iPhone 6 buyers into Galaxy S5 simply because, well, S5 has been around for quite some time. If they wanted an S5, they would have gotten it.

What’s your take on the big screen iPhone rumor? Will people switch from Android to iPhone because Apple has finally gone big? Or will the opposite happen?