Asus Transformer Book V attaches Android phone with Windows laptop

asus transformer book V

The guys at Asus are taking the meaning of Transformer pretty seriously. The latest device in Asus Transformer Book series have become a true transformer with its five-in-one computing style.

For many of us, we use Android in smartphones and tablets and Windows on our laptop and desktop computers. Asus has just brought the two types of devices and operating systems together and five modes of computing with its Asus Transformer Book V, which is pronounced as Transformer Book Five. The new device was put on show at Computex, although visitors were not allowed to go hands-on because the device was put under a glass case.

So what does the package bring to the table?

A Windows tablet, a Windows laptop, an Android phone, an Android tablet, and an Android laptop make the Asus Transformer Book V

First, the 12.5-inch HD IPS display with 4 GB of RAM and 28Wh battery is a Windows 8.1-running hybrid laptop computer with an Intel Core architecture CPU. Asus claims that the laptop can last up to 10 hours when just browsing the web. The tablet, when detached from the keyboard (remember it’s a hybrid?), comes with 128 GB of flash storage. But when it’s in traditional laptop mode, its storage goes up to 1 TB.

Asus Trasnformer Book V

You can also turn on full tablet mode, turning the full hybrid laptop into either an Android laptop or an Android tablet by detaching the display from the keyboard.

But the tablet isn’t the only thing that detaches from the Transformer Book V. There’s a phone on the exterior that comes off as well. And that is a 5-inch phone running on Android KitKat, obviously made by Asus, and powered by Intel’s 64-bit quad-core Atom processor along with an LTE radio. So whenever you’re going out, you can take that pretty powerful phone with you.

The real magic happens when the full device comes together. That means both the Windows tablet in laptop mode and the phone docked on its station. When done so, the phone’s Android interface comes alive on Windows 8 display. And you’re not limited there, you can also enable full Android tablet interface on what was a Windows device just a moment ago!

asus transformer book V

In short, Asus Transformer Book V (Five)’s five modes of computing are: A Windows tablet, a Windows laptop, an Android phone, an Android tablet, and an Android laptop.

There has been absolutely no announcement about when this device may actually hit the market or what the price of Asus Transformer Book V may be. But we’ll definitely keep a keen eye out for this one. It really is a transformer with its five-in-one computing style!

What’s your take on Asus Transformer Book V? Is it something you fancy in your room?