Samsung may unveil Gear 3 and Galaxy Note 4 at IFA this year

IFA, Berlin 2014

With IFA coming up soon, expect to see more of this iconic lady in red in tech publications.

Samsung is rumored to be preparing yet another smartwatch, Gear 3, an update to the currently available Gear 2, and Galaxy Note 4, for unveiling at this year’s IFA in Berlin, Germany.

Much like February’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), IFA takes place every year in Berlin in September. This has become another time of the year when manufacturers unveil their consumer electronics products and home appliances. For the Android enthusiasts, this is the time they get to hear what’s coming in the following few months until January hits again with Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This year, IFA will take place on 5-10 September in its usual place, Berlin, Germany.

There’s not much word about what may be inside Gear 3 and Galaxy Note 4. But given that Samsung is heavily investing in its Tizen operating system, announcing the first Tizen-powered phone Samsung Z, one can easily assume that the Gear 3 will run on Tizen operating system instead of Android. As for Galaxy Note 4, it’s a safe bet to say that Samsung won’t ditch Android for the Note series just yet. Or else, we can say for sure that there will be a huge collapse in its potential sales.

Given that September is still three months away, we’re hoping to learn more about Gear 3 and Galaxy Note 4 ahead of the official unveiling.