Motorola contest suggests Moto 360 smartwatch price could be $249

moto 360The announcement of Android Wear and Moto 360 along with LG G Watch came rather quickly and out of the blue. But it got everyone excited. We’ve seen a lot of people especially falling in love with the design of Moto 360 smartwatch. But everyone kept wondering, what would be the price for Moto 360?

If a recent contest by Motorola, applicable only for the residents of the US and the UK, is any indication, Moto 360 smartwatch price could be $249. Moto 360 is the grand prize of the contest that Motorola is yet to announce. And in the official rule document, which you can find in Google Drive here, Motorola mentions the ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of Moto 360 to be $249.

Nowhere in the document does Motorola mention that this would be the retail price of Moto 360. But this is as good an indication as it gets. So we’re likely to see a Moto 360 pop up in shelves soon and all you need to get your hands on one of them might be just $249.

Do you think Moto 360 is a good bargain for $249? Or is it still too pricey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.