HTC One mini 2 photos and specs leaked online

HTC One Mini 2

Leaked photos of HTC One mini 2.

It looks like a mini version of the flagship phone is quite popular among the consumers. That’s probably why HTC is walking down that path. A leaked photo on Twitter showed a sequel to last year’s HTC One mini. While nothing is sure as of now, it sure does look compelling. Here’s all that has leaked so far.

The image looks visually similar to HTC One M8. But earlier reveal gave a nod to the possible fact that One mini 2 will be a smaller variant of HTC One M8. Rumors till now say that the mini version of HTC’s new flagship phone will have a 4.-5-inch display with 720p resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 14 MP camera on the back and 5 MP camera on the front along with the ability to add extra storage with a microSD memory card slot.

The specs are still a rumor. But the fact that there is a possible finalized press rendering, the company might soon be announcing the sequel to last year’s 4.3-inch phone, HTC One mini.

How much do you think the price should be of this new flagship mini phone from HTC?