Micromax Bolt A37B, an affordable Android phone in Bangladesh at BDT 4,399 price

Micromax bolt a37bMicromax has made headlines after it launched a few high-end and mid-range smartphones in Indian and Bangladeshi market. The company is now also releasing very affordable smartphones at a really low cost. At present, Micromax is heavily advertising its new phone, Micromax Bolt A37B. If you browse enough mobile-related websites, chances are you’ve seen Micromax Bolt A37B’s ad once or twice. That made us wonder, how good of a smartphone is Micromax Bolt A37B?

In Bangladesh, the Micromax Bolt A37B is priced at BDT 4,399. That’s about four and a half thousand taka. There are already a handful of smartphones at this price range from the country’s two biggest and most popular mobile phone company, Symphony and Walton. We take a look if this affordable phone from Micromax is worth the 4,399 Taka it demands.

Micromax Bolt A37B basic features

Micromax Bolt A37B is a 3.5-inch Android phone that runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Its screen resolution is 480 x 320 pixels. To power the phone, it has 1 GHz processor. It features 2 MP camera on the back and nothing on the front. It does have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB, and does not lack an FM radio feature.

But that’s not all, it has 3G network capability, which allows you to use 3G internet offered by almost all telecom operators in Bangladesh. And to power all the things that you can do with this smartphone, it features a 1450 mAh battery which will have a habit of running out of power when you need it most.

So what’s the catch?

If you’ve been telling yourself, “what the heck! These are way basic features. What’s so great about these?” You’re not alone. Because, that’s really all there is to it to this smartphone. We didn’t want to lose you at the beginning of this post. That’s why we’re dragging you down to the last bit of information that will definitely throw you away forever from this Micromax Bolt A37B. What are they?

Micromax Bolt A37B has a RAM of 256 MB. Yes, in a world where 512 MB RAM is too small for optimal performance, Micromax packs this phone with 256 MB of RAM, which is worse than obsolete. That’s not all, it has an internal memory of 512 MB RAM. Don’t be too happy just yet, because the user available memory is just a little over 100 MB.

If you have the least bit of idea about Android operating system, you would know that Micromax Bolt A37B will make your life a whole lot worse than it is now. While we usually end our basic phone reviews leaving the decision of whether to buy it or not up to you, we’re going to go ahead this time and give you a strong piece of advice: Don’t buy it. If you have a very limited budget, you can still get better phone from local brands such as Symphony and Walton. Micromax, as a brand, is good, but Micromax Bolt A37B is just not worth it, even if it was sold at half the price.

Save yourself a lot of trouble and don’t buy Micromax Bolt A37B. It’s that bad.