MIUI ROM for Nexus 7 Released by Xiaomi; CEO says interested manufacturers can preload


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is no longer just another Chinese vendor. It’s made headlines by introducing top quality Android phones, software, and by hiring Google employee Hugo Berra off Google. While it’s MIUI interface is quite popular among Android phone users, it’s now aimed at making tablet interface.

A Xiaomi tablet is not a science fiction. But before it’s released, Xiaomi has come up with a brilliant plan to let the people experience what it’s like to use MIUI on a tablet device. The company has released an MIUI ROM that’s compatible with second generation (2013 edition) Nexus 7 tablets. If you have a WiFi only Nexus 7 (2013 edition), you can download MIUI ROM for Nexus 7 off Xiaomi’s website. 

Xiaomi says, it’s not just a blown-up version of MIUI for smartphones. It’s redesigned with brand new architecture. It includes native apps, system menus and new animations for a refreshing experience on tablets. Moreover, CEO of Xiaomi says that tablet manufacturers can preload this MIUI for tablet ROM on their device. Interested parties were asked to contact Xiaomi in this regard, which gives us a signal that there may be MIUI equipped tablet devices coming soon from third-party companies.

If you want to take a look before MIUI ROM goes mainstream, here’s your chance to download MIUI ROM for Nexus 7. What’s your take on MIUI? Do you like the interface for your smartphone?

This article also appeared on Android Kothon Bangla.