HTC and Nokia goes to Twitter to Troll Samsung, or ‘Samesung’

trollTrolling has become a big part of internet life. People who aren’t connected to a huge amount of ‘trolling’ Facebook pages might not be familiar with the face to the left, but if you’re following tech giants long enough, you know that they like to make their faces like this every now and then.

Trolled ya!

But their troll is different. They hit each other, but not with hatred or anything that’s even remotely objectionable. They make pure fun. Twitter is their go to place to deliver trolls like this.

So what happened recently?

We all know Samsung just announced its upcoming flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S5. Apart from Fingerprint Scanner and a couple of other features, the device looks almost the same as Samsung Galaxy S3. Majority of people didn’t seem very excited over this new Samsung. Apparently Nokia and HTC had this figured while Samsung was announcing its Galaxy S5 at ‘Unpacked’ event in Barcelona. And this is what they tweeted.

For those unaware, HTC announced that it would announce its next flagship phone, HTC One 2 (possible name) at an event on March 25. Experts say, HTC backstepped itself from announcing the new flagship at Mobile World Congress for fear of not having enough coverage thanks to Samsung’s grand launch of S5. But the company did troll Samsung on Twitter saying those who buy S5 will regret of what’s coming on March 25. And clearly, that’s HTC’s next flagship phone.

The troll that came from Nokia made more sense. The Finnish giant tweeted a photo of its Windows Phone and wrote, “Not the Samesung 😉 “. They purposefully wrote it “Same-sung”, which kind of makes sense. Galaxy S5 is same as Galaxy S4, only a bit bigger and has some more features.

As you can see, the tweet came from Nokia’s UK division account and it included hashtag of MWC and “Unpacked”, which is the title of Samsung’s much awaited press event.

Even though these are trolls intended for pure fun, in some way they make sense. Samsung is indeed becoming ‘Same-sung’, don’t you think? What’s your reaction to recently announced Galaxy S5?