Samsung Galaxy S5 may have diamond-coating: Because Gold Edition is too mainstream

galaxy s5Have you ever wondered looking at a Samsung device what  Galaxy that person is holding? Is that an S3? Or S4? Apparently, Samsung plans to change all that by introducing an entirely new design for its upcoming Galaxy S5. And one particular edition of Samsung Galaxy S5 may include, well, wait for it, diamond coating.

We couldn’t help but say, it must have been because ‘Gold Editions’ are becoming too mainstream in the market of limited edition smartphones.

At this point, it’s all a rumor that suggests the upcoming flagship of Samsung’s Galaxy series will have a special edition that’s designed with coated diamond. IndiaTimes reports that “after treating carbon derivatives under high pressure to make it molten or in a fine power form, it’ll be coated on top of the metal chassis. The surface will then be treated with nano materials and paint for the final finishing.”

It’s still unclear if Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a diamond coated frame or will it be pushed back for Galaxy Note 4. If history is something to take hints from, it’s a safe bet that the Korean technology giant will debut the next flagship device at February’s Mobile World Congress in 2014. We’ll be on the lookout for more rumors and official sources about Samsung Galaxy S5 in the mean time.

Would you like a new design for Samsung Galaxy S5?