Google Developer Group Dhaka to host 5-day Android app development training workshop


Google Developer Group Dhaka has just announced a 5-day Android app development training workshop in Dhaka. The workshop will be hosted in United International University (UIU) campus in the capital from 21st to 26th December.

The app development training program is part of “National Mobile Application Development: Awareness and Skills Building Project” by Ministry of ICT, as reported earlier.

People with basic skill of Java programming can attend the workshop. It’s open to all university students, software developer, freelancer or any interested individual. The workshop not only gives a supreme chance to learn building an Android app in just five days, but also gives every attendant a certificate recognized by Ministry of ICT. Top participants also stand a chance to win exciting gifts.

GDG Dhaka blog post noted that a national Hackathon will take place with the participants of the workshop. All of this sounds exactly like the project launched by Ministry of ICT to raise awareness and build skills of developing mobile applications. As Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in both domestic and international market, it’s only logical to start with this.

Seats for this exciting 5-day workshop are limited so you’re advised to register as early as possible. To register, you have to fill out a form and then answer 30 multiple questions in an online exam to prove that you have the basic skills necessary to attend the workshop. After registration closes on December 18, a list of 30 participants who would get to attend the workshop will be posted online.

The workshop will be conducted by MCC Ltd. It’s organized by Ministry of ICT in association with Google Developer Group Dhaka and United International University.

If you want to learn building Android app from the best, this is the chance you don’t want to miss.

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