Notice for Android Kothon Facebook Fans

logo_editedGreetings, Android Kothon readers! If you’ve been with us for long enough, chances are you have already ‘Liked’ our official Facebook page. If you haven’t already, you should do it right away. Because we push our new post notification as well as occasional chatter about Android in general on our Facebook page. This is an amazing way to receive new posts in your Facebook news feed without having to visit the site often to see if there’s a new post.

Or it was, until recently.

A new rule by Facebook now enforces page owners to pay in order to reach organic audience. That means, even if we didn’t pay to get ‘likes’ (our 30,000+ likes grew over time and through our continuous efforts), now we will have to just to reach the people who deliberately ‘liked’ our page in order to receive updates. 

Suddenly, our 500+ followers on Google+ has become more reachable than 30,000+ fans on Facebook

This does not mean occasional “boost” to posts that used to enable Page administrators to reach a wider audience. This means, every single post has to be paid for in order to reach more people within our own audience.

The move has sparked some angers from small business owners as they can’t afford to pay $500 (an estimated amount) monthly in order to keep its fan base updated. It makes sense to pay when you want to reach to a new audience, but it doesn’t when you want to deliver a post to the people who have liked our page willfully to receive updates on their News feed.

There were reports all over the web about teenage users turning away from Facebook in favor of ‘more private’ social networking such as Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr and so on. This odd and thoughtless move by Facebook could be one of the things that would contribute towards the end of Facebook era. But for now, Facebook isn’t going anywhere; at least not from Bangladeshi audience.

Thankfully, you can receive notification every time a new post is published

The good news is, Facebook has a way for fans to ‘subscribe to receive updates’ via notifications. It means, whenever a new post is published, you will receive a notification just like you do when you get a like or comments. This means even if our new posts don’t show up on your News feed, thanks to Facebook, you can still receive updates as soon as we post it.

For the record, we only publish new post notifications and occasional discussions (prompted by a question) that are highly relevant to Android and the market in Bangladesh. So, you can be sure that your notification will not be bombarded by our new posts. On an average day, we publish maximum 3 to 4 news articles. And 1 to 2 feature articles are published on an average week.

android kothon facebook page

So, how can you make sure that you miss another post from Android Kothon? Just head over to our Facebook fan page, put your cursor on the Like button and wait for the drop-down menu to appear. When it does, simply click “Get Notifications”. A tick mark will show up right before the text indicating that your notifications are turned on for our page. The screenshot above would give you a better idea of where to find that button.

You can stop notification the same way anytime you want. If you believe you are receiving too many notifications from us, which we can assure will never happen, you can opt out. There are other ways to get in touch with Android Kothon such as following us on Twitter, adding our page to Google+ Circle or subscribing to receive new posts on your inbox (look for subscription box in the sidebar). Choose the way you want to be updated with what’s latest on Android Kothon.

Go ahead and follow the steps to make sure you’re not missing another post from Android Kothon. You might also want to know that though we’ve come far over the year, the best of Android Kothon is yet to come!