Get Your Criminal Mind Ready for This December!

san andreas on Android

This December, Cars will be blowing up. Havoc will bring the city to a standstill. Police will be helpless. Drug lords will rule the kingdom again. And the underground world of the city will be wide awake and back in action with its murderous kind. Millions of people will pick up weapons, dangerous explosives and go beyond the law and ethics. Chaos will be the nature again.

This December, C.J. will be back in the city of San Andreas!

Rockstar Games has recently revealed that it is finishing up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — one of the most successful and most acclaimed action games of all times until GTA 5 — for a mobile release. The studio has announced that the insanely popular game will hit iOS and Android devices by the end of December.

Graphically enhanced, more immense, optimized for mobile

Rockstar announced that the games graphics have been significantly enhanced and well-optimized for mobile play. If you were thinking that a game this big must have gone through some sacrifice in graphics and gameplay, you’d be wrong. It’s Rockstar Games we’re talking about. If they say they can do it, they can do it. No argument, or you’ll be shot in the head!

gta san andreas on Android

Every character, car and other elements of the game have been graphically enhanced. Improvements have been made to shadow and color palette. For optimum gameplay, draw distance has been increased. Game’s control has been redesigned to suit the little displays enabling touch controls that only show up when you need them. There are multiple control schemes for different actions in the game.

When we hear that a game like GTA San Andreas is hitting mobile device, we begin to wonder how much playable the game would be given the game’s insanely big gameplay, lots of mainstream and side missions as well as hundreds of little interactive elements throughout the gameplay. But Rockstar has done it with GTA Vice City. And there is no reason to doubt its excellence with GTA San Andreas.

Rockstar hasn’t specified the date of release, but it did say that the game will hit stores for Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle in addition to Android and iOS, so you will not have to wait for it to hit your platform. But which devices will be supported still remains a mystery. As four days have already passed, we might know soon when the crime world will rise again and who will get to be a part of it as Rockstar noted it will unveil more details of the game in the coming days.

So, get your gears ready and be prepared to enter the world of crime with a story of revenge, murder and love where twists are your everyday meal with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas..regardless of wherever you are.

san andreas