Google Play Store launches in India and Hong Kong: Nexus 5 and 7 now available

Google play store

Google Play Store has just opened up in Hong Kong and India to sell Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) Android devices. People from these cities were previously not able to purchase Nexus devices directly from Google until now.

A Google+ post from official Nexus page has announced this today.

Upon launch, people can purchase these two devices that Google said would start shipping within a few days. Since India is the neighboring country to ours, we’ll go with the pricing of Nexus devices in Indian Google Play Store.

According to sources, Google Play Store has put up a pricing on Nexus 5 16GB of Rs. 28,999. For the 32 GB model, Nexus 5 is priced st Rs. 32,999. On the other hand, the second generation, or 2013 model, of Nexus 7 tablet goes for Rs. 20,999 for 16 GB model, Rs. 23,999 for 32 GB model and Rs. 27,999 for 32 GB model with LTE radio support.

The pricing isn’t exactly on par with that of Google Play Store in the United States if you convert the dollar into rupee, but the fact that Google Play store is actually available in India and people from the country can buy Nexus devices directly for Google is fascinating enough despite the extra price.

Another Nexus device, Nexus 10 manufactured by Samsung, is not available in either Hong Kong or India, and we believe that’s because Google is working for a sequel to Nexus 10. Though still a rumor, we believe the next Nexus 10 will not be manufactured by Samsung anymore. But we will have to wait for that.

Are you living in India or Hong Kong? Are you excited that Google Play Store has launched in your country? Let us see your excitements.